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Our Vending Services



A 24/7 unattended retail solution that provides convenience and choice.

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Pantry Services

A variety of snacks, foods, and an assortment of candies.


Vending Services

Vending Services is made easy with our variety of health foods, favorite snacks, and refreshments.

Imperial ReFresh gives you fresh alternatives to vending.

Imperial Refresh Vending
  • Cashless Vending

    Since the popularity of card-based transactions continues to grow, Imperial ReFresh provides cashless vending solutions allowing payment with debit or credit cards. This cellular-based technology does not require access to telephone or data lines at your workplace, making the installation easy while maintaining data integrity.

  • Cold and Frozen Vending

    Our machines vend both cans and bottles in all shapes and sizes offering up to 40 different types of selections depending on your needs. Also, multiple choices are available to provide a wide variety of packaged frozen food and ice cream.

  • Hot Beverage Vending

    Our hot beverage machines provide several selections including regular coffee, decaf coffee, cappuccino, French vanilla, hot chocolate, tea, and more.

Why Choose Imperial ReFresh?

Imperial ReFresh is a leading provider of vending, retail, and food services. Since 2010, Imperial ReFresh has been a company committed to excellence. Our products are the top brands in the industry and we are constantly raising the bar through innovative changes, and technological advancements.

How Imperial ReFresh Is Different

Touchless Payment Options

Like using payments via a mobile device? No problem, our machines have options for all types of mobile payments.

Cashless Payment Options

Our machines accept multiple cashless options, including credit cards and bank debit cards.

Quality Products

Our products are inspected and guaranteed to be fresh, top quality, and tailored to your business needs 

Dependable and Innovative Vending Services

Snack, Beverage, and Fresh Food Vending

Imperial ReFresh features only the most advanced vending technologies, as well as the highest quality snack, beverage, and fresh food items.

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What Sets Imperial ReFresh Apart?

High-tech, Cashless, and Eco-friendly

Brand Independence

As an independent vendor, you can be assured that Imperial ReFresh will always offer the largest selection of snacks and products.

Catered To You

Our specialists will work directly with you to find the right product selection for your business or location.

People Centered

We strive to keep our employees feeling valued in our company culture. Focusing on integrity, quality, and teamwork; we can assure the highest quality service available.


Micro markets are unattended retail environments where consumers can engage with products on shelves and in open coolers, allowing them to pick up products, review nutrition information, and more.

Consumers use a self-checkout kiosk with a cashless payments system, and pay by credit card, company card, or even by thumbprint!

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Your Pantry Your Way

All pantry service is personalized based on your employees, budget, and specific goals of the solution

Employee Appreciation

Because pantry service delivers free refreshments to employees, they appreciate the employer and feel recognized

A Unique Partnership

We become your pantry partner, finding/stocking products and sending clear usage reports and bills

Grab and go refreshments to elevate your break room

Our pantry service is a cost-effective way to add value to your employees. We go the extra mile by offering a wide variety of snacks, foods, and drinks that are tailored to your business needs in a sanitary, fresh, and convenient way.

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